Engineer Akram Tohma (Deputy Prime Minister of the Interim Government) , was with us in a tour between the sections of the charity with a number of members of the Board of Directors briefed on the reality of the work progress between the offices of the Society.

Where he started his tour of the (Al-Aseel operator) and saw with him the latest produced by the operator clothes to be distributed to the beneficiaries later .. 

Also had a meeting with the director of the operator to talk about the sewing courses that are held periodically and how these courses were able to teach women a decent profession away from the need of others .. The visit of the operator included a tour between its sections (Showroom _ Ironing lounge _ Design Office) .

The visit was not stopped at the Al-Aseel operator, but we moved to the Office of the Friends of the Orphan. The last work and activities were reviewed in the office  and the orphan's guarantee mechanism in the office and its aim is to alleviate the burdens of the orphans' families under the current circumstances and the high prices. With the director of the Office of Orphan Friends and a number of supervisors on the office.
The tour continued in the sections and offices of the Association, including (Office of reviews and beneficiary and the Office of Studies and Accounting Office and cadres kindergarten Al-Bayan for deaf and dumb).

God bless all who seek good .. And blessed white hands that work honestly to help all in need in this country.

 From our heart .. The thanks all the thanks to Engineer Akram for his visit