We are honored to visit a delegation from the Board of Trustees of the city of Duma to the headquarters of the charity ..
The visit started with a tour between the sections of the association and its offices. The first station was the Orphan's Friends Office and a quick tour inside the office. The delegation was familiar with the activities of the office and the educational follow-up program, in addition to the summer club. , And the operator was the most important part of the visit and identify the tasks assigned to this section, and see what was produced and distributed to the beneficiary within the operator in addition to a quick review explaining the operator's courses and the extent of their positive impact on women and provide opportunities Work for them in light of growing needs ..

The tour ended with a lengthy session to learn about the latest projects of the association and discuss other matters with the executive director of the association and a number of members of the board of directors.

All thanks and gratitude to them for this generous gesture and ask God Almighty to help us to extend a hand of charity and kindness to our people