The story of the child Rama
Is success a stroke of luck? Were the winners born to be so? Or is success only for families with wealth and social status?
15-year-old Rama proves to us that the will of man alone can overcome the obstacles of life if man has this will.
Rama was born in a very poor family, a mentally ill father, a mother bore all the burdens of the family
The charity works with a simple help and help. The association provided a helping hand to the father but because he did not realize that this vehicle was stolen.
Their first dream was the first slap and then the slap and the most painful. The martyrdom of the mother The first pillar of the family, Rama found herself against her responsibilities, much more so how would she carry this heavy load that has long weighed on her mother?
The first period was very difficult and the family worsened after that and the deterioration of the father's health and psychological status more than before, forcing Rama to leave her school, and called her dream and dream of her mother, who was still imagining her daughter white white as an angel mercy,
Rama mastered the role of mother and sister and friendly to her brothers and offered all the tenderness that flooded her fresh spirit
He decided to pay the younger brother a year to help her and begged for some money to open a modest vegetable stall
Rama did not allow him to leave his dream and now he is working and studying at the same time
Our heroine managed to manage her family's affairs despite her young age, but she always looks eagerly for her old dream, which is left on one of the shelves of memory. She has decided to take it back to reality and realize it. It will not be easy, but she will try hard to achieve it.
Rama is one of the thousands of children in Syria and the eastern Ghouta who went through harsh and unforgiving conditions and yet managed to overcome all difficulties.