Orphans are a special social and humanitarian situation that has priority in all societies. Therefore, the orphan's sponsor had great reward and reward. He said peace and blessings be upon him: "I am the sponsor of the orphan in Paradise.

The charity has been working to provide relief to those in need since its inception. However, a new concept has been developed to ensure that orphans make their care

The new concept is that the sponsorship is not limited to paying money only, but extends to the orphanage and creates a strong strong foundation. The Orphan Friends' Office, based on volunteers for the care of orphans in the fields of education, guidance, development, recreation and preservation of their material and moral rights, And established a new approach to the care and care of orphans.

With the establishment of the Office of Friends of the Orphan in 2003, 150 orphans and orphans, and the development of work with the passage of days, where the number of families 1,300 families and 3,500 orphans and orphan.

The office will issue a special paper detailing the issues related to orphans, as a reference for those who are keen on genuine sponsorship.

Until the end of 2012, the Office remained the only entity providing orphan services in and around Douma.

According to the latest statistics issued by the charity on 1/1/2017 orphan, male orphans 4249 while the orphans orphans 4630 orphans, of whom 1068 orphans is guaranteed by the Friends of the Orphan of the charity.

The Office aims to:

1 - Contribute to the development of the orphan family culturally and socially.

2 - Raise the level of orphans educational, social and educational and improve it for the better.

3 - working to change some misconceptions in the care of the orphan.

4. Assistance to orphans and their families (meals, health care, clothing, education, entertainment, guidance).