He was a student in the second grade when he was subjected to trials and tribulations, and his father's death was the worst of them. These conditions prevented a barrier between age and school.
Omar looked eagerly at his friends like birds fly to the nests of science, he thought carefully .. He really dreams of going back to school, but he is ashamed to tell anyone this desire, so he gathered his strength and went to his school carrying his dreams and ambition, his teacher welcomed his return, but apologized for receiving a veiled By exceeding the age allowed, this reality was a great shock to Omar, felt his dreams and hopes kill mercilessly, and walked in his head a thousand question and a question .. Where is the future that I dreamed of ?? How will I become a surgeon and heal my wounds ?? My dreams and my hopes have been destroyed as my city has been destroyed, what is my sin?
Omar went to the office of the orphan's friends to find someone who feels his pain and feels sorry for his wound, and here the angel of mercy ensured that we call it a plan to bring Omar back to the path of knowledge.
I started with Omar from the letter of the thousand, and because of the great interruption that he suffered, this teacher received a lot of criticism from her friends: You are wasting your time "will not fit Attar what spoiled the age" Reham yourself and his teeth to learn a craft to benefit from and run him some money, She rejects this talk with intensity and emotion.
She glints hope from her eyes, and Omar is like Edison, who was rejected by school, friends and people but it was the reason for lighting our lives and our dark nights.
Omar now prepares for the preparatory certificate, which gave him a strong motivation and made him encourage all of the delay in seeking knowledge to join the succes