The Voluntary Family Allowance Program in the charity since its inception aims to secure financial and social guarantees for the needy families in the region.

The program includes a special section consisting of a committee to study the cases of changing and changing families. The section includes 60 delegates distributed in neighborhoods, a special committee supervised by 5 people, and a women's committee for periodic reports on the homes of families who submit the request for sponsorship under the program of family allowances.

Families currently enrolled in the program are 800 families.

Classification of Registered Families:

A widow without children. (A large age does not have a breadwinner)

2 - divorced without children. (No breadwinner)

3 - Divorced with children. (No breadwinner)

4. Age group. (No breadwinner)

5. Chronic illness of the head of household (which causes him to stop working).

6 - student science. (Which helps him to complete his knowledge).

7. Children with no dependents (g) Absence of father and mother and foster mother or grandfather