The charity's activity is not confined to the developmental and social aspect, but it has a great share in the relief work. It provides the cash and cash allowances in the form of time, money and families and is divided into permanent permanent benefits. After examining the situation of each family through the Bureau of Research and Statistics, Status, and then classified according to categories to achieve the greatest justice and divided these subsidies into two parts:

The seasonal subsidies division is concerned with the distribution of donations in kind of all kinds (bread, chargers, meat, vegetables, detergents, foodstuffs, home basis, etc.), as well as distribution of funds.

1 - subsidies seasonal campaigns of the most prominent campaigns:

A - Campaign of the holy month of Ramadan (the fasting breakfast project - Food Salal project - the project of Suhoor Baraka)

B - Campaign projects Eid al-Fitr and al-Adha (Zakat al-Fitr project - sacrifice project - Eid cover - Eid game)

C - campaign projects winter (draft winter cover - heating sling)

D - Campaign of educational support projects (school bag project - Aftar student project)

2. Health benefits for patients and the injured.

3 - Milk of children.

4. Birth assistance.

5. Monthly cash assistance for needy families.

6. Subsidies for young people and girls who marry.

7 - emergency financial aid and food baskets provided on a daily basis to every needy person.